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Applied Health Science Degree (B.S.)

Applied Health Science Degree (B.S.)

Applied Health Science at Messiah College 

Prepare for a career in one of the fastest growing and changing U.S. Industries—health and wellness.

In Messiah College’s applied health science (B.S.) degree program, you’ll gain firsthand experience in the field of applied health science with particular attention on to learning how your Christian faith and career aspirations can strengthen each other. Through internships, research and clinical courses, you’ll receive valuable hands-on experience in applying concepts presented to you in applied health science classes by caring faculty who are respected scholars. 

Messiah’s unique multi-dimensional approach to health and wellness offers coursework in anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics, chronic disease, health promotion, exercise psychology, sport sociology and nutrition, preparing you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need  to promote wellness among diverse population groups while aiding them in being good stewards of one of God's greatest creations—the human body.

Applied health science major distinctives
Career options for applied health science majors
Internship and research opportunities for applied health science majors
Mission and goals

Hands-on learning

Through labs, internships, work assignments in the fitness center, research studies and class projects, you receive valuable hands-on experience in applying concepts you learn in class throughout the applied health science program. An upper-level human anatomy class exposes you to cadaver dissection—a lab experience that many students only receive in graduate school.

Valuable career preparation

Messiah students with a B.S. degree in applied health science are well-prepared to enter graduate school or secure jobs related to a variety of health and exercise science areas such as personal training, corporate fitness, retirement home wellness, collegiate/professional sport strength and conditioning, community wellness, cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, sport nutrition, biomechanics research or clinical exercise physiology.