Teaching MEd

What makes Messiah’s program unique?

  • Our faith-based and academic distinctiveness: Messiah College’s reputation as a nationally ranked college that effectively integrates quality academics and Christian faith uniquely positions our graduate program in education. Messiah’s ongoing commitment to the integration of faith and learning—particularly as it relates to issues of justice, reconciliation, and the dignity of all people—is evident in our program. The curriculum will challenge you as a student to consider your own beliefs and issues within your profession.

  • Our faculty: Messiah’s faculty are experienced Christian educators and accomplished scholars who consider academic and professional excellence in their chosen fields as a means of expressing their faith commitments. They encourage and mentor you as a student to consider your own faith, the faith of others, and the relationship between education and issues connected to faith within your profession.
  • Our focus: Our program includes coursework and field experiences that promote the use of effective research-based practices to uniquely prepare our students to be competent practitioners, educational leaders and effective collaborators when working with students, other professionals and their families.
  • Our flexibility: Our tracks are designed to accommodate students with or without certification in the area of study.

Our Philosophy

The TESOL, special education, and Curriculum and Instruction programs are based on the mission of Messiah College. As a graduate of this program, you will develop your intellectual skills, ethical obligations and faith commitments in order to more effectively serve and empower all learners. These programs provide experiences that require you as a student to combine ethical frameworks with research and theory to influence policy and develop and employ curricula, pedagogy, and interpersonal skills that will serve diverse learners and their families.