Terms and Conditions

ID Card:

The Falcon Card is your official means of identification while at Messiah College. It is used for identification purposes and for access to numerous facilities and services on campus. This card is the property of Messiah College and must be surrendered upon termination of enrollment or employment. This card may be required for entry to college events or for use of college facilities. All ID cards are issued by the Falcon Exchange. No one is allowed to borrow or use another student's ID card for any purpose.

Falcon Dollars:

Falcon Dollars is the same as cash. Simply deposit money on your Falcon Dollars account and you can begin spending your Falcon Dollars at all the participating locations. An initial deposit is all you need to be on your way to flexibility throughout campus. No sign-up form is required. Once you make a deposit to your account it becomes active. The balance remaining on the account will carry over from semester to semester. When you graduate, withdraw, terminate employment, the balance on your account will be refunded to you. Falcon Dollars may be withdrawn within the last two weeks of each semester or upon graduation, withdraw or employment termination from the College.

Statements: Most point of sale terminals will show the current balance when a purchase is made. You may also view your balance at any of the VTS (Value Transfer Station) the Eisenhower Campus Center, Student Union Alcove, and the Murray Library. Statements of account activity are also available upon your request at the Falcon Card Services Office.  

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards:

The Cardholder agrees to immediately report their lost or stolen ID card. Contact the Dispatch Office immediately so your card can be deactivated and any further use prevented. The College is not responsible for any charges made to the card prior to being reported lost or stolen. The Dispatch Office is located in Eisenhower and is open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. They will issue you a temporary card to use for 3 days. Once the temporary card has been issued, your permanent card will be disabled until the temporary card has been returned. If your card is not found in 3 days, you will need to go to the Falcon Exchange for a replacement card. The replacement cost for a lost/stolen card is up to $20.00. Damaged cards will be replaced for a cost up to $20.00 provided the card has not been deliberately damaged. IE: holes punched in or otherwise defacing the card.

Negative Balances:

If the cardholder uses their Falcon Card during a time where there is not enough funds in their Falcon Account, the transaction will not be approved. However, due to system problems, the reader can become offline and allow such transactions. This could result in a negative balance. In the event of a shortage, the cardholder agrees to pay the amount owed to their Falcon Account.