Biochemistry (B.A. or B.S.)

School of Science, Engineering and Health

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

A degree in biochemistry from Messiah College prepares you for a variety of exciting careers such as medicine, pharmacy, allied health fields, forensic science, and more.

If you’re interested in a career in medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, or other related fields, then Messiah College’s biochemistry major is a good fit for your college experience. The Bachelor of Arts degree in biochemistry requires fewer major credit hours than the Bachelor of Science degree, allowing you to take additional courses of special interest to you. The B.A. option allows you to choose electives in biology, nutrition, or exercise science, allowing you to tailor the courses to your specific career goals.

Take your degree a step further by adding a criminal justice minor to your biochemistry interdisciplinary major - considered an advantage when studying forensic science at the graduate level.  Opportunities in this exciting and emerging field of biochemistry are yours for the taking, thanks to the creative curriculum designed by Messiah College faculty.

As a biochemistry major at Messiah College, you’ll be able to:

  • Delve into exciting credit-bearing research opportunities, with Messiah College faculty and at nearby Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine in your sophmore, junior and senior years.
  • Utilize the College’s extensive collection of computer tutorials of biomolecular structures.
  • Work as a lab assistant, tutor, or supplementary instruction leader in the department.
  • Create a computer model of a protein structure.
  • Participate in the School of Science, Engineering and Health Fall and Spring Research Symposium.
  • Pre-professional programs include medical, dental, pharmacy, and veterinary.

Bachelor of Arts Requirements:

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Bachelor of Science Requirements:

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Messiah biochemistry graduates have gone on to pursue advanced degrees from prestigious colleges and universities such as Yale University, University of Maryland, Thomas Jefferson University, Ohio State University, Johns Hopkins, Pennsylvania State University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and more.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry