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Music Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Music Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Music at Messiah College

The renowned music program at Messiah College, one of the top private Christian colleges in the U.S., prepares you to make meaningful contributions to the artistic and worship life of your community and church through a specialized career in music.

Do you dream of performing or composing music; using your musical talents as a soloist or with an ensemble; or helping others appreciate music and incorporating it into worship experiences? Then consider all the available opportunities as you pursue a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in music from Messiah College.

Music major distinctives
Career options for music majors
Internship opportunities for music majors

Program emphasis

As a music major at Messiah, you will gain broad musical knowledge, practical skills, and development of musicianship and technique through private instruction on a primary instrument. This degree is well-suited for those wishing to double-major in music and another field.

In this program, you will choose a concentration to meet your career goals—selecting from the commercial music or composition tracks. Or, you can complete the degree without a concentration. You’ll research composers and musical works, learning to compose music in a variety of styles and forms from commercial to classical. You’ll develop skills in conducting and rehearsal direction and will be well-prepared if you choose to pursue a graduate degree in Messiah’s Master of Music in Conducting program.

Performance opportunities

You will have many opportunities to perform on and off campus with a wide variety of choral groups from opera to jazz to gospel; and with instrumental ensembles from brass to pit orchestra to recorder. You will demonstrate the technical and expressive skill needed to perform at an advanced level with your chosen musical instrument.

After graduation

As you study and perform with your chosen musical instrument or in your favorite vocal genre, you will develop into an accomplished musician, prepared not only to enter a successful career in music, but also to contribute meaningfully to the worship life of the church and at other venues in your community.

Graduates of the music program at Messiah are equipped to secure positions such as performers, composers, conductors, church musicians, recording artists and more.