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Concerts & Recitals

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Concerts and Recitals, Fall 2016 and Spring 2017

Fall 2016

October 28th: *Snarky Puppy, Performing Art Series, 8PM, Parmer Hall* 

October 29th: Alex Ashman, Student Senior Organ Recital, 6PM, Parmer Hall

October 30th: Jacob Mandell, Student Senior Voice Recital, 4PM, Recital Hall

November 3rd: Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

November 4th: Symphony Orchestra Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

November 5th: Persephone Marien, Student Senior Voice Recital, 4PM, Recital Hall

November 5th: Katrina Neyman, Student Senior Horn Recital, 6PM, Recital Hall

November 5th: Percussion Ensemble Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

November 6th: Sofia Salinas, Student Senior Percussion Recital, 2PM, Recital Hall

November 6th: Chris Seylar, Student Senior Voice Recital, 4PM, Recital Hall

November 6th: Bethany Darrah, Student Senior Piano Recital, 6PM, Recital Hall

November 8th: Jazz Combo Concert, 8PM, Recital Hall

November 11th: *Faure Requiem with the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra and Messiah College, 8PM, Parmer Hall*

November 12th: Jessica Reme, Student Senior Piano Recital, 2PM, Recital Hall

November 13th: Matthew Ruwe, Student Trumpet Recital, 2PM, Recital Hall

November 14th: Chamber Ensemble Concert, 8PM, Recital Hall

November 16th: Jazz Fusion Concert, 8PM, Recital Hall

November 17th: Chamber Ensemble Concert, 8PM, Recital Hall

November 18th: Alexandria Kucha Ganeng, Student Senior Voice Recital, 8PM, Recital Hall

November 19th: Tim Puglio, Student Senior Saxophone Recital, 2PM, Recital Hall

November 19th: Susan Travis & Lyla Bowser, Joint Student Flute Recital, 4PM, Recital Hall

November 19th: Shawn Campopiano, Student Senior Saxophone Recital, 6PM, Recital Hall

November 20th: ”Liederabend”, Damian Savarino Studio Voice Recital, 8PM, Recital Hall*

November 21st: Brass Choir and Brass Studio Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

November 29th: Flute Choir Recital, 8PM, Recital Hall 

December 4th: *Messiah College Christmas Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

December 5th: United Voices of Praise Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

December 7th: Musica Nova Concert, 7:30PM, Recital Hall

December 10th: Guitar Ensemble Concert,1:30PM, Recital Hall

December 10th: One College Ave Concert, 4PM, Recital Hall

December 16th: Susquehanna Chorale Christmas Concert,8PM,Parmer Hall

Spring 2017

January 13th: Erik Forst, Faculty Percussion Recital, 7PM, Recital Hall

January 21st: Damian Savarino, Faculty Voice Recital, 8PM, Recital Hall

January 22nd: Jacob Mandell, Student Senior Saxophone Recital, 4PM,Recital Hall

February 4th: *Kate Aldrich- Mezzo Soprano, Performing Arts Series, 8PM, Parmer Hall*

February 5th: Kate Aldrich Masterclass, 6-8PM, Recital Hall

February 26th: Kuhlman Competition,7PM,Parmer Hall

March 5th: Samantha Duhe, Student Horn Recital, 2PM, Recital Hall

March 25th: Ian Bethmann and Jonathan Morrone, Joint Student Voice Recital, 2PM, Recital Hall

March 25th: Rachel Elder, Student Voice Recital, 4PM, Recital Hall

March 26th: Aaron Keister, Student Trombone Recital, 4PM, Recital Hall

March 29th: *David Kim and The Messiah College Symphony Orchestra, Performing Art Series, 8PM, Parmer Hall*

April 1st: Percussion Ensemble Concert, 7PM, Parmer Hall

April 1st: Julianne Deibert, Student Senior Voice Recital, 8PM, Recital Hall

April 7th: *Tim Warfield and His Organ Band, Performing Art Series, 8PM, Parmer Hall*

April 8th: Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

April 9th: Lydia Ham, Student Senior Flute Recital, 12:30 PM, Recital Hall 

April 9th: Concert Choir & Chamber Singers Concert, 3PM, Parmer Hall

April 10th: Brass Choir and Brass Studio Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

April 11th: Franz Joseph Haydn - "The Seven Last Words of Christ" with Peter Sirotin, Guest Artist and Faculty Recital, 7:30PM, Hostetter Chapel*

April 12th: Jazz Combo Concert, 8PM, Recital Hall

April 13th: Jazz Fusion Concert, 8PM, Recital Hall

April 21st: Chamber Ensemble Concert, 8PM, Recital Hall

April 22nd: Symphony Orchestra Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

April 23rd: *Choral Arts Society Concert, 3PM, Parmer Hall*

April 26th: Men’s Ensemble, Women’s Ensemble, and Chamber Singers Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

April 28th: Musica Nova Concert, 7:30PM, Recital Hall

April 29th: One College Ave Concert, 4PM, Recital Hall

April 29th: Jazz Ensemble Concert, 7PM, Parmer Hall

April 30th: UVOP Concert, 3PM, Parmer Hall

May 1st: Opera Workshop, 8PM, Poorman Blackbox Theatre

May 1st: Handbell Choir Concert, 8PM, Parmer Hall

May 6th: Susquehanna Chorale Spring Concert,8PM, Parmer Hall

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