Adventure Education Courses

Messiah College Course Catalog

ADED 114 Canoeing (1)
This course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to safely paddle a tandem canoe in flat and moving water conditions. Topics include equipment, strokes, maneuvers, basic rescues, river reading, safety considerations, and stroke bio-mechanics. This course meets the requirements of the American Canoe Association Essentials of Canoe Course. Meets General Education Health and Physical Education Requirement.

ADED 137 Challenge Course Experience (1)
Challenge courses utilize low and high elements that engage students physically in problem solving activities to encourage personal discovery and growth in the context of a supportive community. Meets General Education Health and Physical Education Requirement.

ADED 139 Wilderness Encounter (3)
Offered in J-Term, this introductory course involves an extended wilderness trip utilizing adventure education pedagogy to probe students’ relationships with God, others, self, and creation. Hiking, backcountry camping, and Leave No Trace are some of the skills emphasized. Meets General Education Health and Physical Education Requirement.

ADED 180 Wilderness First Responder (3)
Backcountry medicine course applying principles of advance first aid in a wilderness setting. This course meets requirements for WFR certification through SOLO.

ADED 181 Caving (1)
This course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to safely lead groups on a beginner level cave experience. Topics include equipment, caving techniques, safety, rescue, specific medical concerns, cave geology, cave ecology, and group facilitation in cave environments.

ADED 182 Rock Climbing (1)
This course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to safely lead groups on a top rope climbing experience. Topics include equipment, climbing techniques, anchor building, belaying, risk management, rescue, climbing specific medical concerns, group facilitation, and site management.

ADED 188 Challenge Course Facilitation (1)
An experience based course to prepare students to facilitate low and high challenge course elements. Skills pursued include processing the experience with a group and the technical skills of rope work, belaying, and rescues. Prerequisite: ADED 137 or Instructor’s consent.

ADED 250 Foundations of Adventure Education (3)
An exploration of the philosophical, psychological, sociological, and historical foundations of adventure programming. Course includes terminology, key organizations, influential individuals, related theories, and professional opportunities.

ADED 251 Wilderness Education Association Certification Course (3)
A 21-day field-based course designed to develop outdoor leadership skill. Judgment and decision-making skills are the primary focus of the nationally recognized 18-point curriculum designed by the WEA and utilized in this course. Students may be eligible for certification as a WEA Outdoor Leader upon the successful completion of this course. Prerequisite: ADED 139.

ADED 301 Leadership, Facilitation, and Group Dynamics (3)
Study of theories and principles of adventure leadership. Focus on framing, facilitating, and debriefing adventure education activities. Exploration of group dynamics in field-based adventure experiences. Prerequisite: ADED 137.

ADED 351 Programming and Trip Design (3)
This course is designed to assist students in developing leadership and programming skills useful in a variety of leisure settings with emphasis on adventure education. Theoretical principles will provide the basis for practical experience. An emphasis on servant leadership will permeate the course.

ADED 352 Trip Implementation and Evaluation (3)
Practical experience requiring the student to implement a wilderness trip of their own design. The field portion of this course occurs during spring break when students lead a wilderness experience. Provides experience with all aspects of a wilderness trip including planning, marketing, logistics, implementation, budget, and evaluation. Prerequisites: ADED 251 and ADED 351.

ADED 391 Adventure Education Practicum (1-3)
Practical experience related to adventure programming. May involve experiences such as instructional aide, adventure programming facilitator, project supervisor, or off-campus employment. Prerequisite: Department of Health and Human Performance approval.

ADED 401 Advanced Technical Skills (3)
The purpose of this course is to expose students to a variety of advanced adventure skills such as rope rescue systems, winter camping, white water canoeing, and lead rock climbing. Students will have the opportunity to pursue professional certifications such as Leave No Trace Master Educator and American Canoe Association Instructor. Prerequisite: ADED 251.

ADED 411 Senior Seminar for Adventure Education Majors (3)
Serves as a capstone course for adventure education majors. Stresses reading current literature, discussing ethical ideas, and exploring the relationship between Christian faith and adventure education.

ADED 485 Internship (4–8)
Experience in an organized adventure education or related field setting with professional supervision (Pass/Fail grade only). Required of all adventure education majors. Limited to senior status.

ADED 491 Independent Study in Adventure Education (1–3)
Subject to College and Departmental guidelines.

ADED 497, 498 Major Honors (3, 3)
Independent research program for students who have a strong academic record for a minimum of five previous semesters at college study. Overall GPA of 3.5 and Department approval required for enrollment.