Applied Health Science Mission/Goals

1.The student will discover significant presuppositions common to both the Christian faith and the field of health and exercise science, with particular attention given to ways in which the Christian world view can enlighten the discipline.

2.The student will apply their disciplinary knowledge and Christian values in meaningful and practical on or off-campus experiences. Through these experiences, students will demonstrate a commitment to use their knowledge in ways that benefit and serve others.

3.The student will be able to write in a clear, scholarly fashion.

4.The student will develop an understanding of the anatomical and physiological responses to acute and chronic exercise and critically analyze human movement patterns.

5.The student will be equipped with the necessary background knowledge to pursue graduate study in specialized fields such as cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, fitness program leadership, or exercise physiology.

6.The student will attain the skills and abilities necessary for entering a variety of health and exercise science careers.

7.The student will be able to prescribe individual movement activities designed to achieve satisfactory fitness levels and improve athletic performance.

8.The student will be able to conduct research in accordance with the principles of sound qualitative and quantitative research interpretation and procedure.