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Nutrition Science Major

Love science? Thinking about medical school or pursuing a graduate degree in another healthcare field?

If you're interested in the relationship between nutrition and human health and aspire to further your education in a healthcare field beyond your first four years of college, then you might want to consider a degree in nutrition science.

As a student pursuing this major at Messiah, you'll get a chance to design and carry out research projects with a team of other students who have similar interests.  And, you'll take courses in a wide range of subjects that will tap into your love of science, including general, organic, and biochemistry; anatomy and physiology; statistics; basic food science; and nutrition. This new program is specifically designed to help you be a successful candidate for either graduate or medical school. 

So, if you are a strong science student who is thinking about being a physician's assistant or pursuing a healthcare career in a field such as medicine, nutrition, public health, dentistry, or occupational therapy, then Messiah's nutrition science major is one that will help you fulfill your career goal.

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Students in the nutrition science program take a selection of courses that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.
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Students in this major at Messiah have two academic advisors, our Coordinator of Pre-health Professions Advising and a Nutrition advisor, to ensure the right courses and electives are taken to achieve the student's career goals.