Health & Physical Education News

The Health and Physical Education Majors’ Club was reestablished during 2012-2013 through the efforts of seniors Ronnie Alba and Dalton Fitting, and sophomores Amanda Thompson and Joe Zimmerman.  Dr. Spud Wentzell, Professor of Health and Physical Education, is the faculty representative.  The Club will provide opportunities for Christian fellowship, maturing as a scholar-servant, leadership, discussions on campus with local practitioners, and attending conferences with professionals off campus.

Speaker Chad Killian (2009), Health and Physical Education teacher in Camp Hill, spoke at the April 11th. 2013 meeting of the HPE Club. He focused on  the “Integration of Subject Content”, and “Teacher Evaluation”.    

Group picture

Front Row: L to R
Kaleb Loht, Broderic Keener, Jared Furry, Nichole Sunderland, Erika Naticchia, T. Ryan Sheilds

Back Row: L to R
Dr. Wentzell, Conner Power, Ronnie Alba, Chad Killian, Dalton Fitting, Joe Zimmerman, Luke Weaver