Sport Management Courses


Messiah College Course Catalog

SPMT 110 Sport Management Careers and Content (1)
This course is an introduction to the field of sport management and will be completed by first-year students during the fall semester. Career options and managerial content will be reviewed. Foundational studies of sport, including history, philosophy, and professional skills will be discussed as they relate to the field of sport management. (Offered Fall Semester only.)

SPMT 210 Ethics and Law in Sport Management (3)
This course integrates the ethical strategies of sport management along with the demonstration of how constitutional law, contract law, tort law, labor and anti-trust law, and discrimination apply to the sport management industry. (Alternate years, offered Fall 2013.)

SPMT 211 Economics and Governance in Sport (3)
The primary goal of this course is to provide students interested in pursuing a career in the sport management field with a basic knowledge and understanding of the principles, processes and strategies related to economics/finances and governance of operating organizations whose mission involves the provision of sport related services and/or products. The principles of economics/finances will be utilized to evaluate amateur and professional sports, including topics like league structure, team decision making, labor relations, incentive structures, free agency, salary caps, and stadium financing and the role of public policy. Macro and micro perspectives of governance and policy in sport organizations will be initiated to examine organizational structures, authority, sanctions, appeals processes, and the influence of governmental bodies and sports commissions on sport governing bodies.

SPMT 313 Sport Facility and Event Management (3)
This course is designed to assist the sport management student in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills needed to manage a sport facility and to plan a sporting event. (Alternate years, offered Fall 2012.)

SPMT 314 Sponsorship and Marketing in Sport Management (3)
Sport sponsorship and marketing is designed to apply marketing principles to the area of sport, sport events, and sport products. Sponsorship and marketing strategies including sales, promotions, and advertising of sport will be emphasized. (Alternate years, offered Spring 2013.)

SPMT 391 Sport Management Practicum (3)
This course provides the prospective sports manager with practical training and experience involving progressive learning in specific areas of interest. The student and advisor jointly select an approved site and plan the practical experience. Potential sites include, but not limited to, sport facilities, professional sports, television stations, and the commercial sports industry. Progressive and summary reports and regular meetings with the faculty sponsor and field supervisor are required. The student is evaluated by the faculty supervisor and the field supervisor. Prerequisite of junior or senior level status in the major.

SPMT 410 Topics in Sport Management (2)
In-depth investigation and development of an area of current sport management interest. (Alternate years, offered Spring 2013.)

SPMT 411 Senior Seminar for Sport Management (3)
Serves as a capstone course for Sport and Exercise Science Majors. Stresses reading current literature, discussing critical ideas, and formulating the relationship between Christian faith and the sport management profession.

SPMT 497, 498 Majors Honors (3,3)
Independent research program for students who have a strong academic record for a minimum of five previous semesters of college study. Overall GPA of 3.5 and
departmental approval required for enrollment.