Sport Management News

Students in the Sport Management major, have the opportunity of attending the Sport Industry Networking and Career (SINC) conference each year.  They can meet and network with prospective employers in the sport industry, which may lead to internships or employment.  

Guest Speakers
We welcome guest speakers to come to our classes who provide real experience of the practical aspect of sport management.  Guests have included:
Mr. Todd Bosma, Director of Game Day Events, The Portland Trail Blazers Basketball Club
Mr. Steve Fowler, Director of Soccer Shots, Harrisburg
Mr. Nate DeFazio, Director of Ticket Sales, Harrisburg Senators Baseball Club

In collaboration with the Harrisburg Senators Baseball Club, the students in the Topics for Sport Management class were engaged in the promotion and ticket selling for a game. Upon selling these tickets some of the proceedings of those sales, were donated to the Sport Management Society (Club) to help students attend conferences.  

In collaboration with Service Learning on campus and Special Olympics, the Sponsorship and Marketing in Sport Management class, used the skills they had learned in marketing and promotion to raise money to purchase stopwatches and to secure transportation to the Special Olympics event on service day.