Your Session at the Writing Center

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Writing Center CubicleWhen you come to Learning Commons for your appointment, have a seat in the lobby. A tutor will greet you and ask your name, appointment time and whether this is your first visit to the Writing Center. Then the tutor will get (or make) your folder and direct you to the cubicles in the side rooms.

The tutor will then ask you about your paper and the assignment; please feel free to share any helpful information, such as your concerns about the paper and what stage of the writing process the paper has reached (e.g. brainstorming, rough draft, final draft). Then you will read your paper with the tutor, usually out loud.  Reading aloud helps you catch mistakes you might miss otherwise and saves the time of going over them later. As you go through the paper, the tutor will ask you questions about understanding, thesis, flow and other high order concerns (ie: the most important parts of your paper). Due to time constraints, you probably won't get to everything, but that's okay!  Tutors aim to give you enough tools to carry on the work yourself, and we welcome you to return repeatedly throughout the writing process. After your session, the tutor will send an electronic form to your professor indicating the writing concerns discussed in the session; professors value this insight and frequently use it to provide more helpful feedback for students.

  • Bring the instructor’s guidelines for the assignment and, if possible, the rubric.
  • Bring a clean copy of the most recent draft and, if available, the professor’s suggestions.
  • Be on time (preferably a few minutes early) and come into the Writing Center to let us know you’re here.
  • Let us know if this is your first visit to the Writing Center.
  • Remember, we will not have time to discuss every possible revision for the paper, so please feel free to come back again for the same paper!