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Philosophy Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Philosophy Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Philosophy at Messiah College

Are you a questioning person? Do you enjoy thinking about the pros and cons, the whys and why-nots of just about everything?

If you are, then earning a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in philosophy might be right for you. The philosophy program at Messiah College, one of the top private Christian colleges in the U.S., explores fundamental issues about truth, ethics, God and human nature, and will help students work out the foundations of their faith and rationally defend it.

Philosophy major distinctives
Career options for philosophy majors
Internship opportunities for philosophy majors

Program emphasis

As a philosophy major, you’ll immerse yourself in an environment of critical-thinking, questioning, reasoning, point/counter-point conversations and deep intellectual thought. As you sharpen your skills, think deeply about the world, life and your Christian beliefs, you’ll be better equipped to more thoughtfully engage our culture and solve its most pressing problems. As a Messiah philosophy major, you’ll share your college experience with other inquisitive students, engaging one another in a careful, systematic investigation of fundamental issues of reality and human experience. 

The philosophy major will equip you with the sort of background and intellectual skills that will enrich your life and enable you to rationally develop a distinctively Christian view of the world. The major in philosophy offers intensive training in analytical and critical-thinking skills, a broad historical background in Western thought, and an exposure to non-Western philosophy.

Since the philosophy major only requires nine courses over general education requirements, it is an ideal area of study for double-majoring, which about half of our students do. Past students have double-majored in such diverse fields as Bible, mathematics, history, psychology, business, biology, biochemistry or English. The philosophy minor is designed for students who wish to supplement their primary education in another field with the study of philosophy. It allows great flexibility to explore those areas of philosophy that are of the most interest and benefit to the individual student.

Faculty and mentors

Your professors—caring and committed Christians—are deeply involved in not only teaching but also in the emerging scholarship and thought of their fields. Your professors will lead you through critical analysis of issues of great cultural significance such as free will, God's relation to the world and to evil, and the nature and origin of morality. 

After graduation

What can you do with a philosophy major? Plenty! As a graduate of the philosophy program, students are equipped to secure positions such as researcher, business analyst, consume advocate, technical writer, educator and more. These learning experiences will equip you with the sort of background and intellectual skills employers seek—logical reasoning, reading comprehension, critical thinking, problem-solving and effective communication skills. And did you know that philosophy is considered the best major to pursue if you are considering law school?