Computer and Information Science

Computer and Information Science Major

School of Science, Engineering, & Health

Department of Information and Mathematical Sciences

The demand for quantitative, technical thinkers in the information science industry far outweighs the number of applicants.

If thinking creatively and critically to solve complex problems excites you, and you enjoy just tinkering with technology, then Messiah College’s computer and information science major might be right for you. Discover how your Christian faith and interest in computing will work hand-in-hand in your future professional decision-making. And at Messiah, your professors and our state-of-the art facilities will also encourage and support the technology research, experimentation, and creative problem solving you’ll need to compete for a successful career as a software developer, systems analyst, programmer, network administrator, database manager, financial analyst, web developer, computer security specialist and more.

As a computer and information science major at Messiah College, you will:

  • Complete a strong common core of courses in foundational information sciences
  • Choose a concentration in Business Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Development, or Web Management
  • Focus on computers or computer users as your expertise
  • Delve into artificial intelligence, computer security, graphics, networks, game design, and e-commerce
  • Conduct projects for national and international organizations with Messiah’s College’s Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research
  • Play in our computer science ‘sandbox’ where you can work on special projects
  • Experiment with different operating systems, software, hardware, and networking devices in our computer lab
  • Compete to participate in a National Science Foundation summer research program
  • Have the opportunity to obtain a variety of computer certifications

Major requirements:

Computer and information science majors choose from the following concentrations: 

Computer science

Faculty in the information sciences work closely with those in the Computer Engineering and Design, and Digital Media, enabling students to tailor their degree with courses from these disciplines.

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