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Politics and International Relations bachelor degree (B.A.)

Politics and International Relations bachelor degree (B.A.)

Politics and International Relations at Messiah College

Calling all independent thinkers who have an interest in public life and a concern for social justice.  

As a politics and international relations major at Messiah College, a top-ranked Pennsylvania Christian college, you’ll immerse yourself among students and faculty who are energized by some of the same things that energize you: political campaigns, elections, diplomacy, international affairs, public health, immigration, the environment and race relations. 

The politics and international relations major offers a strong academic program that will make you competitive in the job or grad school market. While you might typically think of political science as preparation for a career in public office, we see it as discipline that thoroughly prepares you to enter a wide variety of fields including government, business, education, communication, law and many others.

Politics and international relations major distinctives
Career options for politics and international relations majors
Internship opportunities for politics and international relations majors

Student- faculty engagement

You’ll study with a dedicated, committed Christian faculty who will introduce you to the major sub-fields of political science: American and comparative politics, international relations and political theory. Our low student-to-faculty ratio creates an intimate and collegial learning environment, one that places a premium on individual student initiative, with the goal of helping you grow into an intellectually agile, socially fluent, and self-confident politics degree student, ready for a job in government, community, business, law, communication, or well prepared to enroll in graduate or law school.

Humanities-based learning

Because our program is humanities-based, you can count on learning transferrable skills, having insightful class discussions, learning those important quantitative skills and analyzing topics through reading and writing. You’ll not only answer the ‘how’, but will investigate the ‘why’ of issues—both at home and abroad.

Learning opportunities

Many of our students study abroad in countries such as China or England, or participate directly with a faculty member to complete a research project. Our close proximity to the nation’s capital also provides a convenient way to spend a semester studying politics or completing an internship in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Politics: the right fit for you?

So if you believe, as we do, that politics is part of God’s provision for creation, and a means of developing an abiding concern for public life in the interest of social justice, and you have an openness to opposing points of view and a commitment to the common good of all peoples, then we encourage you to consider joining the politics degree program at Messiah College.