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The Kline-Jordan Science Center offers modern teaching laboratories and research-quality technology and equipment.

Biological facilities 1In addition to general biology and chemistry labs, dissection, molecular biology, physiology, and environmental science labs have been added to the facilities. During your studies at Messiah, you'll have an opportunity to gain firsthand experience using scanning and transmission electron microscopes, mammalian tissue culture facilities, and molecular biology techniques including PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), along with other sophisticated equipment to analyze cultures and manipulate molecules.

The Science Center also houses The Oakes Museum. Intended to enhance educational opportunities for both our students and the surrounding community, the museum features world-class quality mounts of African and North American mammals, as well as the largest oological (egg) collection in Pennsylvania.

With woodlands, fields, and the well-known Yellow Breeches Creek, our beautiful 400-acre campus also serves as a laboratory for studies in the biological sciences. These settings provide further opportunities for students and faculty to conduct on-site research projects.