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Sociology and Anthropology Major

Sociology and Anthropology Major

Sociology and Anthropology at Messiah College

If you enjoy working with people and are an adaptive learner interested in culture and improving the lives of others, then a degree in sociology and anthropology might be right for you.

As a sociology and anthropology (SOAN) major at Messiah College, you’ll go beyond traditional sociology degree requirements and take courses in anthropology and criminal justice to become an adaptive lifelong learner. Like many of our majors, you’ll approach your studies from both a scholarly and real-world perspective, participating in challenging courses, off-campus internships and service opportunities.

These opportunities will provide you with experiences that will prepare you for many types of endeavors such as: graduate school and/or a rewarding career in law, education, human services, ministry, the for profit sector or the nonprofit sector.

Through Messiah’s rich combination of international study, internships, service and academics you’ll graduate with the skills needed to promote social justice, improve lives of others and cross cultural boundaries, which will equip you for taking the next steps along your career path.

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