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Spanish Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Spanish Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Spanish at Messiah College

Immerse yourself in the Spanish language, culture and literature - both at Messiah and abroad!

"Aquí se habla español!" "Spanish is spoken here!" Spanish is among the top five languages spoken in the world, with the population of native speakers here in the United States growing rapidly. As a Spanish major, your knowledge of "our global village" will expand as you prepare to engage the people of the Spanish-speaking regions of the world. Messiah's Spanish program encompasses a wide variety of courses in the language proper, as well as in the history, literature, culture, and civilization of the Spanish-speaking populations.

Spanish major distinctives
Career options for Spanish majors
Internship opportunities for Spanish majors

Program emphasis

At Messiah College, one of the top private Christian colleges in the U.S., you’ll find yourself fully immersed in Spanish language, culture and literature as you learn from faculty who have studied and lived in Spanish-speaking regions of the world. Through challenging coursework and study abroad immersion experiences, you’ll develop linguistic competence, critical thinking skills and a profound appreciation of the culture, literature and civilization of the world’s Spanish-speaking peoples.

Introductory-level Spanish courses focus on grammar, phonetics, conversation, and composition. Beyond that, you will divide your studies between Latin American and Peninsular Spanish.

You may wish to pursue teaching certification, grades K–12. In addition to general education and Spanish requirements, you will take a variety of education courses, including two field experiences and the student teaching semester.

Study abroad requirement

As a Spanish major, you’ll spend at least one semester at the Universidad de Granada, Spain or at the Pontificia Universiadad Católica de Valparasío, Chile, through the International Studies Abroad (ISA) program.

In Spain or Chile, you’ll live with a Spanish or Chilean family or in student housing, and have the opportunity to increase your knowledge of the Spanish language and the local culture on a daily basis.

After graduation

The world has grown closer and smaller and that makes learning languages imperative. Mastery of Spanish as a second language better equips you with the tools necessary to further understanding between diverse populations in the United States and beyond. Opportunities are available in the political arena, economics, military, medicine, science, education, marketing, accounting, banking, international and domestic business, and human services. Because of the growing number of Spanish-speaking households in the United States, many different types of businesses are trying to reach this bilingual population. For example, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations have targeted residents of certain communities by using the Spanish language.