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Creative writing, literature and critical thinking combine to form a comprehensive education for English majors.

If you are a creative and critical thinker with a broad range of interests who dreams about writing and positively influencing others through writing, then Messiah College’s English major is a good fit for you.  At Messiah your professors, who are also published authors and lecturers, will teach you to hone your writing skills and will provide you with lots of opportunities to get your writing published outside the classroom.

You may even present your work at an international conference or compete for an Oxford fellowship like other Messiah English majors have done! We recently surveyed our English alumni and they agree: Messiah prepared them well for successful, creative careers in teaching, editing, publishing, missions, business, law, ministry and even songwriting. 

As an English major at Messiah College, you’ll be able to:

  • Student-teach in local public high schools if you choose a Secondary Teaching Certification path.
  • Immerse yourself in a wide range of British, American and World literature.
  • Build your portfolio by writing or editing for the campus newspaper or campus literary magazine.
  • Spend a semester at Oxford University’s Best Semester program, Brethren College Abroad (especially the University of Gloucester in Cheltenham, England), the Oregon Extension, and the Washington School of Journalism.
  • Study for a semester in places such as Russia, Lithuania, Thailand, Belize, Greece and India.
  • Prepare and present papers or panel discussions at Messiah’s annual Spring Humanities Symposium.
  • Apply for a yearlong senior honors project where you’ll work one-on-one with an English professor in writing your senior thesis.
  • Join one of many small informal writing groups on campus.

Major requirements:

Choose from the following concentrations:

Teaching certification requirements:

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Minor requirements:


Our core course requirements ground all majors in both writing and literature.

Department of English
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Many of our students have won full fellowships in graduate programs in English or Creative Writing at many universities, including Oxford (Rhodes Scholarship), Johns Hopkins, Florida, Wisconsin, Fordham, Ohio State, Carnegie-Mellon, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Villanova.
Students have published critical essays in the Sigma Tau Delta Review (the journal of the National English Honors Society) and in The Oswald Review (an international Journal of Undergraduate Research and Criticism).
Students have had papers accepted for presentation at national and international conferences where they have been the only undergraduates on the program.
Faculty publishes regularly in nationally recognized magazines and journals, has won recognition for its scholarship from the college, and holds positions of leadership in the campus community and in other professional organizations.
Many classes meet in Boyer Hall with its 21st century "smart" classrooms.
Our professors have won national and international writing awards and publish widely.