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Spanish Business Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Spanish Business Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Spanish Business at Messiah College

The demand for Spanish-speaking, business-savvy professionals is expected to grow.

If you’re interested in polishing your Spanish language skills so you can use them in a business setting, then consider Messiah College’s Spanish business major. Our program fully prepares you to meet the growing global demand for individuals with a strong background in business and high proficiency in a second language.  We offer a challenging curriculum, a nationally ranked study abroad program, and local internships that give you countless opportunities to use and sharpen your Spanish and business skills.

Spanish (business) major distinctives
Career options for Spanish (business) majors
Internship opportunities for Spanish (business) majors

Program emphasis

The Spanish business major is sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages and the Department of Management and Business. It offers a core business curriculum and weaves second language study throughout the entire four years. Special attention is given to developing a cultural understanding with direct experience in Latin America.

The Spanish business major was created in response to a very real need in the business and industrial sectors. Demand for applicants with business skills who can speak Spanish and who have a good understanding of the cultures of South and Central America and Spain has multiplied in recent years. This demand is expected to continue to grow as new international trade agreements are made, particularly in our American hemisphere.

Your courses in subjects such as business, Spanish language, literature, history and politics, led by committed Christian faculty who have lived and worked among Spanish-speaking peoples, will complement your cross-cultural experiences. 

Why Spanish business?

The major is attractive to students interested primarily in business and who understand the advantages that knowledge of Spanish brings to their credentials. Of course, it is also a good option for those who have a passion for the Spanish language and Hispanic literature and culture and who recognize the advantages of a combination of this knowledge with a high-demand business degree.

Study abroad requirement

While at Messiah, you’ll study for a full semester at the Universidad Pontifical de Valparaíso in Chile as part of the International Studies Abroad (ISA) program. You’ll immerse yourself in the culture as you live with a Spanish family.

After graduation

After completing your Spanish business degree, you’ll be ready to embark on your next step in industries like international business, mission and international service fields, community organizations with international ties, or even graduate school. Whether chiefly interested in business or Spanish, you’ll be well prepared to enter an exciting international career.

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Students in the Spanish (business) program take a selection of courses that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.
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