As of May 1, 2013, Messiah College will no longer accept new Masters of Art Education degree-seeking students. Messiah College will be terminated this degree program; however, we are committed to enabling students who are already in the program the opportunity to complete all courses and projects required to earn an M.A. in Art Education from Messiah College. The course sequence up through the spring of 2015 is found here. For those interested in non-degree courses please contact gradprograms@messiah.edu.

For whom is the program designed?

Messiah College’s Master of Arts in Art Education program is designed for:

  • Those who have graduated from an accredited undergraduate institution with an Art Education degree;
  • Those who wish to pursue graduate level studies that include areas of professional core courses, art education, studio art, and/or art history;
  • Current professional teachers, who wish to obtain a master’s degree to further their studies, refine their teaching skills and enhance their effectiveness as art educators;  
  • Teachers who wish to acquire Act 48 credits (all courses are eligible for Act 48 credit and can be taken as a degree or non degree student);
  • Those who wish to pursue a degree delivered in a hybrid online/onsite program.
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Do I need to know which of the thesis options I plan to pursue in order to apply for the admittance to the program?
You do not need to declare your thesis option upon entering the program. You may inform your advisor of your decision as you progress through the program.

What is the cost of the program?
Please visit our
tuition and fees page for more details.  Course fees may be charged for classes that require specific materials (i.e. certain studio classes).  These fees, however, will be clearly communicated to the student and listed as a course fee upon registration.

Is financial aid available for graduate students at Messiah?
Yes, in addition to the deferred billing for employer reimbursement option, there are two federal loan programs available through our Financial Aid Office.
Click here for more information.

May I transfer course credits into Messiah’s graduate program?
Yes, up to 30 percent of the total number of credits required for the degree may be accepted as transfer credits provided that:

  • The credits were taken at a regionally accredited college or university;
  • The credits were completed at the graduate level;
  • A minimum grade of a B was earned for each course;
  • The credits were taken within the last seven years; and
  • The credits are not among those that must be taken at Messiah College.

Who teaches Messiah’s graduate programs?
All of the courses, whether online or in the classroom, are taught by experienced Messiah College faculty. 

Is housing available for students during the intensive on-campus summer classes? Is there free parking on campus?  Places to eat?
Please visit our
student services page for more information.  On campus housing and meal plans are available for purchase.  Students attending studio courses are permitted to park on campus without a parking hang tag.

What are the online courses like?
Our online graduate courses are designed and delivered by Messiah College faculty through the Sakai learning management system (LMS). Faculty members deliver courses both asynchronously (on your own schedule) and synchronously (live). Sakai provides learning spaces for each course that allows faculty and students to collaborate asynchronously through forums, blogs, email, and wiki tools. It also provides the ability for faculty and students to communicate synchronously through a chat tool.

In addition to Sakai, some courses may use a synchronous component allowing for real-time audio, video, shared whiteboard and desktop sharing.

A brief course demo of the Sakai LMS is available here for you to explore and to get a feel for Messiah’s online learning environment.