Certificate in Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Certificate in Youth and Young Adult Ministries (12 credits)

Our certificate program allows you to take graduate-level courses as a way of enhancing your knowledge, skills, and professional credibility within the field of youth and young adult ministry without having to commit the time and finances necessary to earn a full master’s degree. All of the courses in the certificate program are offered online over an eight-week period.  You choose the four courses (12 credits) that appeal to you and meet your ministry training needs. 

Choose four (4) of the following courses:

  • MMIN 501: The Minister’s Vocation: Life, Work, and Discipline (3)
  • MMIN 511: Foundations of Biblical Interpretation (3)
  • MMIN 513: Foundations of Christian Theology (3)
  • MMIN 523: Teaching and Learning in Ministry (3)
  • MMIN 533: Adolescent and Young Adult Development (3)
  • MMIN 537: Counseling Theories & Practices for Youth and Young Adults (3)
  • MMIN 539: Technologies for Youth and Young Adult Ministries (3)