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What You Will Learn

Creative Writing Track Learning Outcomes

  • Students will read and extensively discuss works of short fiction and poetry by Dickinson, Whitman, Chekov, and Dostoevsky and others.
  • Students will learn to write original works of short fiction and poetry.
  • Students will learn to read and respond to each other’s work effectively.
  • Students will learn how to revise their work in response to their peers.
  • Students will produce a portfolio of their own work and present a reading.

“It’s my desire that this workshop will inspire these young writers to thirst for more literature, and nurture the friendships that come from drinking deeply from these literary wells together. Do not underestimate the power of this experience with a group of likeminded individuals! My hope is that the group will continue working together remotely - long after the class has ended.”

- Christine Perrin, Adjunct Professor of English and Interdisciplinary Studies

Writing Your Life Track Learning Outcomes

  • Students will read and analyze high quality  examples of personal memoirs.
  • Students will learn techniques for writing their own reflections and personal accounts. 
  • Students will develop effective reading and writing habits.
  • Students will learn and practice effective observation skills. 
  • Students will discuss and revise their own work in consultation with others.
  • Students will produce a portfolio of their own work and present a reading.

“I look forward to animated discussions and lively collaboration on meaningful writing assignments. This workshop will encourage high school students to reflect on their own lives as they live them, and to press ahead to their future lives as writers, as students, and as members of a community. Our work together will help them see skills they already have, and give them the desire to build and refine them. I’m confident that our summer work will be an inspiration to young writers to finish high school even more strongly than they would have, and to become more confident in expressing their own perspectives on life and the world."

- Larry Lake, Associate Professor of Writing

Playwriting Track Learning Outcomes

  • Students will work effectively in a group toward an artistic goal.
  • Students will learn to improvise "on their feet" and see how that helps the creative writing process.
  • Students will learn the central tenets of the play genre.
  • Students will read plays to understand the qualities of a good play.
  • Students will understand how character and story are created out of a combination of imagination and experience.
  • Students will write monologue, dialogue, and a two-scene play.
  • Students will perform in a staged reading and become a theatre critic.

"We human beings learn a lot by observing and asking questions, but I think this quotation by Ben Saunders explains the essence of learning how to write plays: 'To experience, to engage, to endeavor, rather than to watch and to wonder - that's where the real meat of life is to be found.'"

- Helen Walker, Professor of Writing