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What are the deadlines for registration?
What are the application and acceptance criteria?
What will happen when I register online?
What will happen if I register by mail?

Tuition and Amenities

What is the tuition for the workshops?
What is covered by tuition other than the workshops and their activities?
Are scholarships available?
Will my students need cash?

Payment and Refund Policies

How do I pay my tuition?
Are refunds available?

Health and Medical Concern

What will happen if my child falls ill?
What if my child requires special medications?
What if my child needs special accommodations for a disability?


What kinds of recreational equipment should my student bring to camp?
What kinds of materials should students bring for the classroom?
Are bed linens provided?
What happens if my child needs toiletry items?

Commuter Student

Are there special concerns if my child is commuting?