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Worship Opportunities

faith & service - Worship opportunities

Worship opportunities at Messiah College

As you know, worship comes in many forms, and at Messiah we embrace the distinct styles of Christian worship represented by our diverse community of students and employees. Through a variety of experiences, we offer you the chance to experience different styles and types of worship all with the same goal: honoring and giving thanks to God our Creator.

A regular form of worship on Messiah’s campus is the twice-a-week chapel service. Chapel usually features student-led worship music, prayer and a brief message. Speakers range from our student chaplains, to campus pastoral staff, to academic scholars, to notable leaders and professionals from outside organizations. In the past, we have hosted people like best-selling authors Eric Metaxas, Helene Cooper and Bruxy Cavey; scholars and community leaders such as Emmanuel Katongole; and many others.

Beyond the weekly common chapels, there are opportunities to attend alternate chapels sponsored by various campus groups, to get involved in small group ministry, to participate in student worship teams, to lead service projects and to explore your Christian faith with your peers and professors both one-on-one and in communal campus worship.

Through each type of worship, we hope we can learn from each other and demonstrate what it means to be an authentic Christian community.