Student Life

Finding your place

Fitting In. Belonging.

"When students enroll at Messiah College, I want them to find a place of belonging."
Kim S. Phipps, Messiah College president

As a first-year student, you will live on the same floor and in the same residence hall with other first-year students.  When you arrive on campus, you'll most likely find yourself among a bunch of strangers from a variety of different schools, cultures and backgrounds. It can be exciting - but also a little overwhelming.

To help make your transition to college life a little easier, Messiah has created a "First-Year Experience" where you'll share many aspects of college life with other students going through similar transitions.

Living in the same residence hall; sharing classroom experiences; reading, discussing and debating a common text with many of the same students means getting to know people happens quickly and naturally. So getting involved in campus life doesn't seem quite as intimidating because you'll be doing it along with a group of people who have already become your friends.

"We're all going through the worries and stresses of our first year at the same time, in the same place. It's [first-year experience] been a great community experience."


"At Messiah, the closeness of the personal relationships with classmates and faculty means a lot. We form strong friendships. We understand one another as people."


president phipps
Building a community that you'll really feel a part is something almost everyone gets involved in at Messiah. Wherever students are gathered you often will find faculty, staff and even the president interacting with students. President Phipps (pictured here) joins students at a residence hall picnic.