International Students

International home-schooled students

Special Note for International Home-schooled Students

Messiah College welcomes home-schooled students! Currently Messiah College has nearly 150 students who were home-schooled during their senior year of high school and many more who were home-schooled at some point in their education.

Students must complete high school/secondary school graduation requirements of their chosen curriculum by the time they enter Messiah College. Students may apply at the start of their final year of high school, and the College will make an initial admission decision based on the first three years of high school. The student must still complete all coursework, graduate and submit a final high school transcript prior to beginning classes at Messiah.

Bear in mind that the average age of a first-year college student in the U.S.A. is 18 years old. Students should be emotionally mature and capable of living on their own in the university setting. (In other words, it’s not necessarily advantageous to push through high school curriculum too fast in order to enroll in college/university by age 15 or 16. Students and their families should ensure the student has achieved more than just academic preparedness.)

At a minimum, Messiah College suggests the following high school courses:

  • 4 units academic English
  • at least 2 units (preferably 3 or more) academic math
  • at least 2 units (preferably 3 or more) in academic natural sciences
  • 2 or more units academic social studies
  • 2 or more units foreign language
  • 4 units additional electives

Students enrolled in a home-school curriculum which includes an outside evaluation of grades/credits (such as Alpha and Omega, Sonlight, A Beka, PA Cyber School etc.), can request that the outside evaluator send an official transcript to Messiah College. Students who are not enrolled in a program that includes outside evaluation, or who are in a creative “mix and match” program of their own making, must submit a comprehensive transcript of their academic program and course evaluations from grades nine through 12 (or the equivalency of secondary school/ high school in their country). If there are not official grades per course, please explain the method of evaluation of course content. If there is an independent evaluation of your academic progress by a qualified educator, please include that with the transcript.

Home-schooled students should submit the application documents as described in Steps to Apply.

The International Admissions Counselor serves as your primary admissions counselor.
The Home-school Counselor serves as your secondary admissions counselor.