International Students

MKs, TCKs and other U.S. Citizens Abroad

Special Note for MKs, TCKs and other U.S. Citizens Abroad

Missionary Kids (MKs), Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and other U.S. citizens living abroad are a welcome and significant part of our international community at Messiah College.

While many steps in the application and enrollment process are the same for U.S. citizens within and outside the United States, our Office of International Admissions seeks to provide personalized support to those students outside the U.S. as they navigate the application process from a distance.

Any U.S. citizen who has lived and/or attended school outside the United States within two years of graduation from high school should apply as an international applicant. This application is designed to best accommodate contact information and academic credentials from a variety of educational systems around the world.

These students are also expected to attend the International Student Orientation prior to New Student Orientation. We recognize that assimilating to the U.S.A. is a long process. In an effort to facilitate ongoing cultural, academic and social adjustment throughout the first semester, these students will be also be enrolled in the “Adaptation to American Higher Education” course (1 credit) during the fall semester of their first year.

The Director of International and Transfer Student Recruitment serves as your primary admissions counselor.