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Unity Through Diversity


Welcome to Messiah College!


At Messiah, we strive to bring together students from different backgrounds that will reflect the diversity within God's kingdom and promote multicultural education.

At Messiah College we believe that having a diverse campus allows us to learn from each other as we share our Christian values, differing perspectives, and customs and life experiences. It also helps prepare students to learn in order to better serve God and others. We expose our students to multiple views and perspectives to enable them to respond with maturity to the complexities of the contemporary world. We embrace liberal learning, believing that all truth is God's truth—revealed by God to be understood and applied by each of us. Every person is to be respected and valued regardless of gender, race, nationality, status or position, because each person is created in the image of God.


Alicia Joseph, Class of 2012


"I loved the stumbling blocks along the road because they made me stronger and motivated me to come back for another unforgettable experience."

“My goal in life is to become a compassionate traveling nurse. I also want to show God’s love to patients I take care of and my co-workers because in today’s world it is so apparent that people are missing true unconditional love. Messiah came to me as an opportunity to strengthen my foundation in Christ and apply my values to my calling.

Living five hours away from family in New York really pushed me to find an identity on campus. I got involved in Asian Student Association (ASA) and other multicultural programs as well as service opportunities through the Agapé Center. The communities in these programs helped show me the traits of what family is.”

Josh Tagore, Class of 2013

josh tagore

"I thank God for leading me here, and look forward to continuing the journey in this caring supportive environment."

"I chose Messiah for its emphasis on the integration of community, Christian faith and academics. Messiah has taught me that these three elements provide an important foundation critical to the college experience. The Multicultural Program is particularly valuable, providing an immediate sense of community. I thank God for leading me here and look forward to continuing the journey in this caring supportive environment."

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