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We Want You to Feel at Home

At Messiah, we want every student to feel comfortable and at home within our community.

So, whatever our students' racial/ethnic heritage, Messiah has programs to help them find their niche on campus. The following staff and programs are dedicated to promoting diversity and unity on campus.

Office of Multicultural  Programs


The Office of Multicultural  Programs at Messiah College supports the institution's overall mission of reconciliation in church and society based on the life of Christ. They provide tangible ways for faculty, students and staff of every racial/ethnic background to constructively, thoughtfully and compassionately address issues of reconciliation and the establishment of a more welcoming and inclusive campus culture for all people.

Apart from organizing the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Week, as well as all the ethnic heritage months, MISP serves as resource for students from underrepresented racial/ethnic backgrounds, international students, missionary kids and third culture kids. The Director of the Office of Multicultural Programs serves an advisor for the Multicultural Council, and the AMIGO Scholarship & Program, as well as an advisor to the following student groups:

African Students Union

Designed to foster unity between fellow Africans on Messiah's campus, the African Students Union was established to emphasize the fact that the African community at Messiah is one part of the ever-growing diversity on our campus.

For those who hold leadership positions in the organization, it becomes a chance to fine-tune their leadership skills, as well as give them the chance to share their visions for Africa's future.

Asian Student Association


The Asian Student Association celebrates and explores the different Asian cultures that exist on campus. Trips to various churches, neighborhoods and restaurants are some of the activities that the organization sponsors. The Chinese New Year celebration is one of the highlights of the year and brings new life to the Messiah community.

International Students Association/MuKappa

ISA/MuKappa aids international students and missionary kids in making cultural adjustments and provides an ongoing network of encouragement, fellowship and understanding among its members. ISA/MuKappa also works at bringing world awareness to the Messiah community and to the community outside of Messiah College.

La Alianza Latina (LAL)

LAL is an organization that supports students from Latin American descent and educates the campus concerning Latin American culture. Composed of students from all different backgrounds, LAL sponsors events like dinners, dances and other opportunities for students to learn more about their own culture or explore a culture that is different from their own.

Middle Eastern Student Association

This organization is out to promote diversity on our campus by educating students about the Middle East in general. The culture and peoples of the Middle East are continuously misunderstood and misjudged. The goal of MESA is not only to educate non-Middle Eastern students about the region, but also to provide a space for students of Middle Eastern descent to come together, as well as those who have a connection with the region to share their experiences and knowledge.


A group dedicated to providing resources and an engaging environment for whites to explore themselves, assess their identities and understand their backgrounds. We seek to uncover our own internalized racism and examine the ways we benefit and participate in systemic racism and white privilege, while re-creating an honest and positive identity.


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