Transfer Students

Credit Transfer

Transfer Course Equivalencies

Messiah offers several options to determine which of your credits may transfer. Please note that credits are not considered to be applied to any degree program requirements until approved by the registrar's office.

We recommend that you review each option below in order. If you have questions that are not answered after investigating the resources below, please contact our transfer counselor at 800-233-4220.

1. General Education Equivalencies

The Transfer Course Equivalency web page lists general guidelines for courses that may fulfill Messiah College General Education requirements.

2. College Catalog

Learn more about Messiah College's academic programs including general education requirements, major course curriculum, course descriptions and professor profiles from our Catalog.

3. Database

Use the database to look up transfer course equivalencies by course name, course number, discipline code or by school. Please note that the database is not all-inclusive and is continually being updated.

4. Meet with the Transfer Counselor

Since each transfer student's situation is unique, our transfer counselor can provide the best advice and recommendations through a face-to-face visit. This is also a great opportunity to spend some time getting to know Messiah's campus! Please contact our Transfer Counselor at 800-233-4220.


Thinking about taking courses at another school for credit transfer to Messiah? Here are some helpful hints.

  • Whenever possible, it's best to take general requirement courses or introductory-level courses for your major or area of interest.

  • Courses in the humanities and social sciences are usually more "transfer friendly" as these majors require a larger number of electives.

  • Obtaining transfer credit for courses in studio art, engineering, education and nursing majors is more challenging due to the specific requirements for these majors at Messiah.