Transfer Students

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of questions most frequently asked by transfer students. If you need further information, contact us at 800-233-4220 or 717-691-6000. We look forward to working with you throughout the transfer admissions process.

What should I do once I've been accepted to Messiah?

Once accepted, a $200 pre-registration deposit is required to secure your place at Messiah. Early payment of the deposit is encouraged. In the event that you choose not to enroll, deadlines for obtaining a refund are May 1 for fall enrollment and Dec. 1 for spring enrollment.

What graduation requirements will I need to fulfill at Messiah?

Transfer students must complete at least the last 30 credits in residence at Messiah with a minimum of 12 credits in the major. A total of 123 credit hours are required for graduation. Some majors may require additional credit.

Is there an orientation program for transfer students?

A transfer orientation program, designed to assist you in making a smooth transition to Messiah College, is held in the fall and the spring. At these sessions you will meet with representatives from several administrative offices to ensure that your transition to Messiah is successful.

The fall program is part of new student orientation or Welcome Week, with specific activities designed to focus on transfer student needs. Some of these activities include a transfer student picnic, where you will meet other transfer students, a transfer student peer group, which is led by a student who also transferred to Messiah, and a campus-wide service project called Into the Streets, that involves students, faculty, and the surrounding community.

Spring semester transfer students also participate in an orientation program (Winter Orientation Weekend, or WOW). WOW takes place right before spring term, during our January Term break. Much like fall orientation, students will have the opportunity to meet other transfer students, be in a peer group and participate in a service project.

I'm looking to start in the Spring. When do I come to campus?

Spring semester at Messiah College is split into two terms: January Term (J-term) and Spring term. Together, they comprise our Spring semester. Incoming Spring start students are required to begin courses in our Spring term, instead of starting in January. This better facilitates our Winter Orientation program and helps new students transition to Messiah. Incoming Spring start students will receive a discount off of room and board for not attending J-term.*

Tell me more about Messiah's J-Term.

J-term stands for January Term, and is part of spring semester. Students typically take 1 course over a 3-week period in the month of January. Courses run everyday, Mon-Fri, in the morning or the afternoon. There are also special service and study abroad opportunities available during this session. Because J-term is part of the spring semester cost, current students are expected to enroll in a class. There is no discount if a student does not enroll in a J-term course.*

*The room and board discount is only available to incoming Spring start students, due to the required Spring term start date.

Does Messiah provide services for students with disabilities?

Yes! Messiah College welcomes students with disabilities. A student with an identified disability must provide the necessary documentation to the Disability Services Office after she/he has been offered admission. Once documentation information is received, an appointment with the Disability Services staff is required to work out a plan of assistance.