High School Sophomores


Despite being busy with homework, sports, friends, school and all sorts of things, good for you for thinking ahead about your college plans! While you may be trying to put thoughts of college off until later in high school, now is the best time to start figuring out which colleges are best for you! You're probably asking yourself:

  • "What am I going to major in?"
  • "What should I be looking for in a college?"
  • "How hard is to get accepted?"
  • "Will I fit in?"

These are all common questions that high school students ask themselves. And while these are all questions that will eventually need answering, the best thing for you to do now is simply explore your possibilities and plan out your steps for the next few years of high school. We've put together a list of some online resources that you may find helpful as you begin your exploration. And of course, you are welcome to contact us via email at admiss@messiah.edu or by phone at (800) 233-4220.

Guides for Sophomores

These sites provide guidelines for what sophomores should do to begin the process of preparing for college.  They include calendars with important dates, action plans and steps that sophomores should complete in their application process.

Career Planning

These sites feature tools to assist students in discovering their interests and how they could be realized through career and college major opportunities.

Tests and Test Preparation

The sites below provide details about the standardized tests used by colleges for admission consideration along with tips for test preparation.

College Searches

The following sites provide students with a tool to enter their preferences and interests and have a listing of colleges returned to them that match the criteria entered.

Paying for College: Financial Aid and Scholarships

These sites provide resources on how to pay for the expense of a college education. Included are facts about how financial aid works, types of aid generally available and scholarship and loan search tools.