Spring Start Students

General Spring Start Questions

Is there still time to come in the spring?

Yes! Incoming spring students will begin coursework in Feb.

How do I apply?

The quickest way to apply is online. Just click here! Be sure to follow up with your official transcripts.

What do I need to send as a transfer student?

Make sure you check out the transfer pages. There's a lot of great information here to help answer a lot of your transfer questions.

For admission, we will need official transcripts from any/all colleges you've attended. If you've completed fewer than 24 college credits, we will also need your final high school transcript, and standardized test scores will be required if you have completed fewer than 12 credits. 

I'm in my first semester of college, do I need to send my transcript?

We will need your final high school transcript along with any/all college transcript(s) showing completed course work. If you have not yet finished your first semester, we will review you without your college transcript. If you have completed your first semester, we need to have the official transcript of your grades.

How will my credits transfer?

The registrar's office will handle official evaluation of your college credit after acceptance. Students that visit campus can receive an unofficial evaluation of transfer credit by our transfer counselor.

Are scholarships and financial aid available?

Students are automatically reviewed for merit-based scholarships upon admission. Need-based aid may also be available, based upon the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) information. If you have already completed the FAFSA for your current school, make sure you have it sent to Messiah. Our FAFSA code is 003298. Be sure to check out the financial aid pages for more information.

When does spring semester start?

Spring semester begins with our January term (J-term) in the beginning of Jan. However, incoming spring students are required to begin with our spring term in February.

What is J-term? Am I required to attend?

Messiah College offers a January term (J-term) as well as spring term. Together they make up our spring semester. During J-term, students take one course for three weeks, either in the morning or afternoon. It is a very intensive time of study.

We require incoming students to begin with spring term as opposed to J-term. We will provide a comprehensive orientation program, which will allow you to transition to a schedule you are more familiar with (i.e. MWF and/or TTH classes).

There may be some instances where a student must begin in J-term, in order to stay on course for graduation. In these cases, approval would be granted by the academic department chair and communicated to the admissions office.

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