Focal Points

What Makes A Messiah Education Unique

If Messiah College were a one-dimensional institution--if, for example, we cared only about the life of the mind--it would be so much easier to achieve the excellence we seek. But Messiah College combines a passion for the minds of our students with a comparable passion for their hearts and their hands.

And we seek to translate those passions into results that are not only excellent but truly extraordinary.

We seek to nurture in our students a spirit of wonder and curiosity, the ability to think critically, and a commitment to raise serious and probing questions about the world in which they live.

Messiah College enables its students not only to think but also to feel. We lead our students not only to understand the world but also to love the world and its people.

--Richard Hughes, Senior Boyer Fellow

(Excerpt from the Messiah College President's Report 2007)

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