Focal Points

Messiah Builds Character Through Athletics

You might wonder how a small private college that doesn’t offer sports scholarships can achieve such notable athletic success. The athletics staff and teams at Messiah say it’s the program’s philosophies and values that make it so successful.

Excellence within the context of Messiah’s mission affects every aspect of the athletic program, beginning with recruitment. We look for coaches who not only know their sports well, but also have callings as Christian role models and teachers. We want our student-athletes to grow as whole people—academically, athletically, and, most importantly, as committed Christians who understand how their faith affects everything they do. Many of our athletes approach competition as an act of worship.

While athletic skills and willingness to work hard are prerequisites for making the team, coaches look for players who they believe will also show genuine compassion for other team members and grow as Christians and leaders.

Just as notable as Messiah’s athletic successes are its athletes’ consistent academic achievements. Messiah’s athletic program exists to support students’ academic endeavors and to teach lessons they can use for the rest of their lives.