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How Messiah Alumni are Changing the World

changing the world

If education doesn’t change the world in some way, is it truly education?

For the faculty, students, and alumni of Messiah College—where academic theories and Christian faith are integrated and applied to real-life situations—education necessarily changes the world.

But how, and to what extent? Of course we can’t quantify the ripple effect of a Messiah education, but we can and did ask several Messiah professors, students, and graduates how their work in the world makes a difference. This sampling of their stories confirms the illimitable effect of our mission: that the intellectual and spiritual sparks fanned at Messiah continue to glow—inspiring hope and positive change on our campus, throughout Pennsylvania, and at countless points all over the globe. 

Here are some of the ways Messiah students, alumni, and staff have been making contributions to our community worldwide:

  1. AIDS prevention, care, and support;
  2. Contributions to year-long climate research in Antarctica;
  3. Free art classes to Harrisburg students;
  4. Graystone Bank: Showing the Gospel by creating honest, warm business environments;
  5. Creating social and economic development by implementing appropriate plans and providing humanitarian assitance;
  6. Offering positive alternatives to women contemplating abortion in a respectful manner;
  7. Encouraging individuals of every age to illuminate social issues through artistic expression;
  8. Building bridges for adults in our community who are educationally and socially disadvantaged;
  9. Living in urban communities where students can form their own perspectives on what it means to be a Christian Neighbor;
  10. Educating children in an urban school against poverty of the mind;
  11. Micro financing to the "un-loanable";
  12. Leading by example for local and international change in issues like: solar energy, education, and assistive technologies for disabled persons;
  13. Stopping violence against women;
  14. Leadership taking strides toward racial justice and reconciliation;
  15. Soccer team mobilizing resources to fight AIDS;
  16. Faith and health integration;
  17. Participating in shaping national dialogue on family matters;
  18. Spreading the Gospel from a grace-based message;
  19. Revitalizing urban communities with after-school ecology programs for students; and
  20. Fighting childhood obesity.

To read the full version of the article, 20 Ways Messiah College is Changing the World, in Messiah College's Summer 2007 edition of The Bridge click here!