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Admissions Process

Falcon Nation TeamQ - How do I apply for admission?
A - Submit the application form, high school transcript and scores (ACT or SAT) and a personal statement.

The Admissions Office seeks to admit those candidates who have exhibited scholastic competence and excellence, as well as those who are most likely to succeed, benefit from and contribute to the Messiah College community.

Applicants must submit either the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT) score results. (To learn more about these tests or to register for an upcoming testing date, see the following websites. For the SAT, see and for the ACT, see

Q - Is there any advantage to applying online?
A - Yes. Applications are received in a faster manner than the conventional paper application, which in turn allows the Admissions Office to respond to the applicant quicker! There is an early application time frame where there is no application fee. After that, applications are $20.00.

Q - What are the academic requirements for acceptance?
A – The average GPA for an accepted student is 3.7 and average SATs are 1150 (Verbal + Math). Please know that these are averages, and we do look at each student’s file individually. We take a variety of factors into consideration when reviewing an applicant’s materials.

Q - Once my file is complete, how long will it take to hear about my admission decision?
A - Messiah College operates on rolling admission. Students can apply beginning the July prior to their senior year (application details for spring students and transfer students). All application files are reviewed within 2-3 weeks from the time of completion. To see if you have submitted everything, use this checklist. Transfer students may experience a longer waiting period due to review of previous coursework.

Q - Who is my admission counselor?
A - See the entire staff with instructions to find your admission counselor.

Q - Are there different requirements for home-schooled students?
A - Home-schooled students are asked to follow the same admission application procedures. However, home- schooled students must submit a comprehensive transcript of a senior-year academic program, as well as courses and course evaluations from ninth through eleventh grades. If students do not receive grades, please explain the method of evaluation of course content. If students have an independent evaluation of academic progress by a qualified educator, please include that with the transcript. Find more information for home-schooled students at Messiah here.

Q - Are there different admission requirements for international students?
A - Yes. Additional documentation is required for international students seeking admission. See exact details here.

Q - I applied once before to Messiah College; will I need to submit another application?
A - Students are invited to complete the Readmission Application. If you have attended another college, we request that transcripts be sent to the Office of Admissions in addition to the Readmission Application.

Q- Can non-Christian students apply?
A - Messiah is an unapologetically Christian institution, but is willing to review any application. It is important for applicants to know that all students are required to abide by the standards of conduct rooted in the Community Covenant, attend chapel services and engage with faith in the classroom.

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