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worship Q - Does Messiah hold regular chapel services?
A - Yes. Messiah's student body gathers together on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to attend chapel services. Chapel at Messiah College is a central expression of our identity as a community of Christians with a deep commitment to spiritual growth and academic excellence.

In chapel we seek to nurture holistic Christian faith through:

  • worship that expresses our faith with a full range of contemporary and traditional forms
  • teaching that connects God's Word and our world
  • community building that affirms our common identity in Christ and celebrates our diversity

Each student is required to attend 24 chapels per semester. Twelve of the chapels attended must be Common Chapels held in Brubaker Auditorium; the remainder may be elective or alternate chapels. Students record their chapel attendance electronically with student I.D. cards.

Q - What opportunities are available for service and ministry?
A - In 2010, approximately 98 percent of the graduating class participated in some form of community service through the College's Agape Center. During summer or spring break, on the weekends or in their spare time, Messiah students find ways to serve.

A number of students travel overseas on short-term missions projects. Some students work with inner-city shelters and youth programs. Others volunteer with crisis pregnancy centers, social service agencies and rehabilitation facilities. Still others build houses with Messiah's chapter of Habitat for Humanity. These and other service projects, locally and abroad, are frequently related to particular courses in Messiah's service-learning program.

Student musicians tour with the College's music ministry teams. Dancers minister through Acclamation, Messiah's touring dance ensemble. We even have a puppet ministry and "Klowns for the Kingdom," a traveling clown troupe. And each year more than 1,000 students, staff and faculty volunteer at the Special Olympics, which the College hosts each spring on a designated Service Day.

For more service opportunities, see the Agape Center website.

Q - What Bible study opportunities are available to students?
A - Messiah's Koinonia program facilitates student-led Bible study on each residence hall floor on campus. Students meet together once a week to worship, pray and study as a small groups. Find out more details on our Koinonia groups here.

Q - Are students required to attend a local church on Sunday?
A - While Messiah College does not require students to attend church on Sunday mornings, it is strongly encouraged that students connect with a local congregation. (Transportation opportunities are listed for current students to attend various local churches for worship on the College Ministries website.)

Q - Is there a Sunday morning service on campus?
A - The College does not hold services on campus on Sunday morning. Students are encouraged to attend congregations in the surrounding community. Many of the local congregations send either buses or vans to campus to pick up students for Sunday services.

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