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Visiting Campus

VisitQ - What options are available to visit campus?
A - Students are welcome to arrange visits individually or attend one of our scheduled Open Houses throughout the year.


Q - What happens at a campus visit?
A - Generally, an individual campus visit begins with a tour of our gorgeous 471-acre campus. The tour takes about an hour and includes stops at a residence hall, academic buildings, the library, the student union, indoor athletic facilities, the performing arts center and more. After the tour, enjoy the opportunity to meet with an Admissions Counselor who will talk with you about life after high school. Find out how your interests and Messiah College can merge in a dynamic way. You can share your accomplishments and dreams, discuss the application process, find out how to finance a college education and learn more about Messiah's diverse curricular and cocurricular offerings.

Open Houses are festive experiences for the entire family! Small and large group activities are offered to introduce the wide variety of educational opportunities available to students. Parents and siblings are encouraged to attend. Other highlights include campus tours and information sessions on admissions policies, financial aid, academic programs and campus life.

Q - Can I stay overnight with a student host?
A - Absolutely! There is no better way to experience Messiah firsthand than by being hosted by one of our Messiah College student hosts! We can arrange an overnight stay in conjunction with an individual or Open House visit. (We do ask for at least a two-week notice to arrange overnight accommodations.)

Q - Can I sit in on a class or meet with a professor?
A - When making an individual visit, all attempts will be made for you to sit in on a class of your choice, or meet with a faculty member in your area of interest. However, sometimes during testing or breaks, visitors might not be able to experience a class.

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