Three Ways to Three Years

Alternative Credit

1Leverage the alternative credit you earn prior to coming to Messiah

Messiah College allows students to count up to 32 semester hours of alternative credit toward graduation. Every year, about one-third of Messiah’s new, incoming first-year students start their college career having already earned anywhere from three to 32 number of alternative credits towards their degree. Students can achieve this through a variety of ways such as Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations; College Level Examination Program (CLEP); International Baccalaureate courses; or a dual enrollment program (being enrolled simultaneously in high school and college-level online coursework).

Depending on your desired major, entering Messiah College with this type of alternative credit may or may not be necessary to achieve your early graduation goal. It is important to familiarize yourself with the credit requirements for the major you are interested in to understand the alternative credit equivalencies that Messiah will count, and to work with your academic advisor as early as possible to assess your goals and determine a plan to achieve them.

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