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The Link is about connection. . . but not just connection for connection's sake. We're talking about meaningful connection which can make an impact on the professional lives of students. The Link is an intentional effort to provide a variety of platforms for connection between current students and Messiah College alumni, parents and friends for purposes related to career exploration and development. In challenging economic times, meaningful connection is essential to today's graduates. 

I know a lot of college students are scared about their current job prospects and it could be a big blessing if we were to come alongside them somehow to help them navigate that process of finding their ever important first job. It is also an opportunity for us to get in contact with potential high quality hires for our organizations. I see it as a win-win for sure.
– David Rivell, Regional VP of Marketing, Princeton Financial Services

I have had the pleasure of providing advice to three Messiah alumni. I was able to assist them in successfully finding employment at my company and at another organization. I am very much in favor of mentoring undergrads and helping new grads find work. I believe that Messiah grads bring something to the workforce that is exceptional and I have yet to be proven wrong.
– Marcia Yeskoo, Asst. VP at HCA Capital Division

Students (and entire classes) should have more interaction with alumni. What better way to build students’ personal and professional networks, and show the relevancy and application of their studies than to see it first-hand through an alum's shared life and career experience?
– Matt Zeiger, President and CEO, Team PA Foundation

A number of students and recent alumni have reached out and contacted me via email, phone or LinkedIn. I always welcome the opportunity to talk with others about their experiences, see if there are questions that I can help them with, etc.
– Mark Hopkins, Director, Human Resources at Coventry Healthcare

Breakfast ClubI wish there had been more opportunities when I was a student. I would love to be able to help Messiah grads network or search for jobs now.
– Benjamin Thorpe, Development Manager, Hispanic College Fund

Since graduating, I have participated as a mentor to a senior, and I had the great joy of mentoring a Messiah student who I hired as a summer intern. I think the Messiah alumni community would love to have more opportunities like this and to know how to connect with students.
– Kristine Steakley, Law Student at USC