Financial Aid

Your financial aid can make a big difference at Messiah College.

We understand the concerns of students and their families about the rising cost of a college education.

Messiah College is committed to keeping a Messiah education accessible and affordable. Students who enroll tell us that financial aid awards were an important factor in making their decision to attend Messiah College.

We’re committed to making a Messiah College education affordable for you. 

"We" are the staff of Messiah's Financial Aid Office. It's our job to understand your situation and propose the best combination of resources for you and your family.

Financial aid is a complex and sometimes confusing field with its fair share of special terms and acronyms, but that is actually good news because it means that many sources of assistance are available to you. We at Messiah provide or direct some of these sources ourselves through our own institutional financial aid budget. Other forms of aid come from external sources. Of the students now at Messiah, the vast majority needed at least some financial aid to enroll.  

A typical distribution of financial aid packages for enrolled students would break down as follows:

  • grants or scholarships (100 percent)
  • one or more loans (70 percent)
  • a federally funded work-study package or campus job (approximately 45 percent)
Of Messiah's first-year students who come through our analysis showing a need for financial aid, 100 percent are offered aid.

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