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Messiah graduates are in demand.

Where will your Messiah education take you?

One measure of the value of your college education is how well it will translate into a job or graduate school opportunity.

Our students are in demand in both areas.

Messiah alumni attend top-tier graduate and professional schools to become entrepreneurs, researchers, lawyers, professors, health care providers and media shapers. Our alumni fill leadership roles in their places of employment, churches and communities. Regional and national employers seek out Messiah graduates for their academic preparation, work ethic and personal character.

We'll help you launch your career.

From your first year to senior year, our Career Center supports your career planning. We help you determine your strengths, select a major, weigh your vocational options, research graduate schools or gather information on employers. Beyond an abundance of informational resources—how to network, work a job fair, apply to graduate school—we can help you talk it through with one-on-one counseling.

To help you connect with potential employers, our Career Center hosts several events throughout the year:

Career and Graduate School Expo and other career fairs—we bring potential employers to campus to provide networking and job placement opportunities.

Into the City career immersion programs—overnight trips to urban destinations for networking and job observation and exploration opportunities

Pizza with Professionals—an opportune time of question and answer with a professional in a small group setting

REZUMANIA—Career Center staff readily on hand to advise and review about resumes

Considering Graduate School luncheon—an informal time of discovering whether graduate school is the best option for you and your career

Etiquette Dinner and Networking Event—build confidence and refine your table etiquette skills.

Your years spent in our Christian community prepare you for a lifetime of sharing space, work and yourself with others.

Grad school careers infographic

Todd Bosma '96

Director of game operations and events for the Portland Trail Blazers Todd Bosma ’96 is in charge of making sure visitors have a memorable night at the game.