Crisis Management Team

Messiah College’s Crisis Management Team is organized into four teams which are assigned specific duties of crisis resolution. The team has been intentionally structured to include many individuals who have key decision-making authority for the College.

The Crisis Management Team is comprised of the following representatives:

Crisis Controller/Incident Commander
Vice President for Operations or Vice President for Human Resources and Compliance

Immediate Response Team
Chair: Director of Safety and Dispatch Services

Logistics Team
Chairs: Director of Facility Services and Director of Conference and Event Services

Campus Affairs Team
Chairs: Dean of Students/Vice Provost and Vice President for Human Resources and Compliance
Team Assistants: Associate Dean of Students and Assistant Director of Human Resources

Public Information Team
Chair: Director of Marketing and Public Relations/Special Assistant to the President for Communication
Team Assistant: Assistant Director of Public Relations

It is also understood that, depending on the situation, the College may need to work in partnership with outside agencies and law enforcement. The College will delegate authority as necessary and in keeping with the best interests of our campus community.

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