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Apostille Service

Alumni seeking international employment or volunteer service may be required by an employer or agency to produce a diploma with apostille documentation. Apostilles are used by foreign governments to assess the authenticity of a document (e.g. a diploma) as well as the signatures, stamp or seal afixed to it.

To request Apostille service:

  1. Send a written request to the Registrar’s office for a duplicate diploma and apostille service. Include the following information:
    1. Your current name and address
    2. The address to which your apostille diploma should be sent
    3. Your contact information in case of a question
    4. Name under which you attended
    5. Messiah ID number or last four digits of your social security number (for record identification purposes only)
    6. Name to appear on the diploma (e.g. middle initial, middle name, maiden name)
    7. Degree earned, year of graduation and major
    8. Your signature
  2. Complete the “Request for Legalization of Documents” form from the Pennsylvania Department of State website.
  3. Payment to the College is required to cover the cost of the diploma ($30) and shipping for the apostille service ($5). Payment to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is also required to cover the state’s fee for the apostille service ($15 per document). 
  4. You may send a check made payable to Messiah College Registrar’s Office or pay online with a credit card here . Mail all of the above to:
    Paula C. Maynard
    Assistant Registrar
    Messiah College

    One College Avenue Suite 3007

    Mechanicsburg PA 17055

    Please note: Messiah’s notaries cannot interpret foreign law, nor can the College or its notaries be responsible for any returned or denied notarized documents.

Messiah College: Office of the Registrar

One College Avenue, Suite 3007
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055