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Degree Re-Evaluation for Former Students

Former students of Messiah College who did not complete outstanding degree requirements may request to re-open their Application for Degree for purposes of evaluation. Students who are more than twelve (12) months from their original anticipated date of graduation are subject to a $75 fee which is assessed at the time the application is re-opened. After the evaluation, students have six (6) months to complete the outstanding requirements for the degree and after that time may be subject to an additional fee if another evaluation is required.

Note that the student is required to complete the curriculum and graduation requirements in effect at the time the application is re-opened. If requirements have changed since the student’s last attendance at Messiah, he or she is subject to the new requirements.

To initiate an evaluation for degree completion, send a letter in writing and include the following information:

  1. Reason for your request
  2. Your current name and mailing address
  3. Your contact information
  4. Messiah ID number or last four digits of your social security number (for correct record identification purposes only)
  5. Name under which you last attended
  6. Major at the time of attendance
  7. Dates of attendance
  8. Signature
  9. $75 payment - check made payable to Messiah College

Mail your request and payment to:
Paula C. Maynard
Assistant Registrar
Messiah College
One College Avenue Suite 3007
Mechanicsburg PA 17055

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Messiah College: Office of the Registrar

One College Avenue, Suite 3007
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055