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How do I declare or change my major?

Students who wish to declare or change their major may obtain a Change of Major card from the office. The department chair of the new major assigns the student’s new academic advisor. The student obtains the signatures of the previous advisor, new department chair and new academic advisor on the card and returns it to the Registrar’s Office. Students follow the major requirements for the catalog year in which they declare the major.

How do I declare, change or drop a minor?

Upperclassmen who wish to declare or drop a minor may obtain a Minor Declaration card from the office. No signatures are required on the card. First Year Students are not eligible to declare a minor.

What is a degree audit?

The degree audit is a tool used by students, academic advisors and the Registrar’s Office to display and track a student’s curriculum requirements for graduation. You may access it in the Registrar’s Channel in MCSquare.

Where do I send questions about my degree audit?

Before contacting your advisor or the Registrar’s Office, click the “Process New” button first, which cause DegreeWorks to recalculate and redisplay any information that has changed since the last time you viewed it. If there are still questions, email and a representative from the Registrar’s office will follow up with you.

How can I find out if a course transfers to Messiah?

The Registrar’s Office strongly encourages students to have transfer work pre-approved before enrolling in a course. Failure to do so may jeopardize meeting the requirement, as it may not be approved for the requirement you are intending.

You may review courses already evaluated by the Registrar’s Office in the Transfer Course Equivalency Database. If you do not find the course you are looking for, or you’d like it to meet a different requirement, complete the Approval for Transfer Credit form.

Can I retake a class to get a better grade?

For undergraduate students, a student may repeat or retake any course in which a grade of D+, D, or F was received. With repeated courses the second grade counts in the calculation of the student’s cumulative GPA, but the original grade will remain on the student’s transcript. The student only receives academic credit for the course one time. All repeat courses must be taken at Messiah College, including Temple courses taken through the Philadelphia campus and any approved off-campus study program, and are subject to the assessment of course equivalency.

The courses will be marked on the student’s transcript as repeated when final grades for the term are processed. Transfer credits are not eligible to be calculated and used for repeat purposes.

How do I calculate a GPA?

Grade point average is determined by dividing the number of quality points earned by the number of graded credits attempted. Credit hours in which the student receive a “P”ass count toward the total credits earned but not toward the GPA. Credit hours in which the student receives an “F” are calculated in the GPA.

Credits transferred from other institutions do not carry quality points and are therefore not computed in the GPA.

What is required in order to graduate?

For undergraduate students:

1. 123 hours of credit, except as noted in the requirements for selected majors.

2. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) for all academic work.

3. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) for all work listed as specific requirements for the major.

4. The last 30 credits preceding the conferring of the degree earned at Messiah college with a minimum of 12 credits in the major.

5. For transfer students, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) for hours required at Messiah College for graduation.

6. Completion of a major with requirements as specified by the respective academic department or as offered at Philadelphia Campus in conjunction with Temple University.

7. Completion of all General Education requirements.

For Graduate Program students:

1. A minimum of 30 hours of credit.

2. A minimum scholarship quotient (GPA) of 3.0 for all work listed as specific requirements for the major.

3. A total of 80% of the credits preceding the conferring of the degree must be earned at Messiah College.

4. Completion of a major with requirements as specified under the department of instruction in which that program falls.

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