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Student Employment

Student work study positions

Opportunities for graduate students to be employed by Messiah College are limited to the Grantham campus. When funds and positions are available, work study assignments can be awarded to graduate students. To be considered for a work study position you must be:
  • Degree-seeking,
  • Enrolled full time,
  • Available to work at the Grantham campus (hours vary with assignment).
If you are interested in work study please contact the Payroll Office directly at for information on job eligibility, locating available jobs, obtaining a job and all other payroll-related items.

Graduate assistantships in higher education

Messiah College has a limited number of graduate assistantships for full-time degree seeking students in the Masters of Arts in higher education program. Graduate assistantships offer students the opportunity to put the theories, gained through classroom instruction, into practice through supervised, real-world experience. Each graduate assistantship offers a financial stipend commensurate with the expectations associated with the position. A graduate assistantship consists of 20 hours per week with an academic year salary from $8,000-10,000. Start and ending dates vary among assistantships. Students who receive graduate assistantships also pay full tuition, that is, tuition is not waived. At this time, graduate students are not eligible for student health insurance. To be eligible for a graduate assistantship, you must be enrolled full-time (15 academic units per calendar year) in the master’s in higher education program and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. Details and the application can be found here.