Graduate Programs Financial Aid

How to Apply for Aid

Step 1:  FAFSA

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online if you are planning to use Federal Student Loans to help fund your education.  You will need a Department of Education personal identification number to sign your FAFSA electronically. You can get your PIN at

Step 2:  Additional Aid

Notify Messiah College of any additional funding you may receive from employer reimbursement, private scholarships, discounts or veterans benefits.

Step 3:  Review your Financial Aid Award online

  • If you filed the FAFSA, your Financial Aid award will be reviewed each semester to determine the amount of Federal Stafford Loan eligibility you have based on the number of credits you are enrolled in for that semester.  Your loan will be on your award in offered status only.
  • When the award has been completed, you will receive notification on your Messiah College email account.  It will include instructions how to access the award online through the secure Messiah College MCSquare student portal.
  • Work through the tabs of your award from left to right to unlock each tab, and then on the Accept Award tab you can accept the full amount of your Stafford Loan or reduce the amount and submit your decision.  Your loan will not pay out until you have accepted it.

Step 4:  Federal Loan Requirements

If you have had a Federal Direct Stafford Loan with the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program in the past, you do not need to sign a new Master Promissory Note (MPN); an MPN is valid for 10 years.  If you have not had a William D. Ford Federal Direct Stafford Loan in the past, or you are unsure about having a William D. Ford Federal Direct Stafford Loan in the past, then you need to complete the following two requirements:

  • Log in to using your FAFSA PIN #, and complete a Stafford Loan MPN. If you forgot your PIN #, you can request a duplicate PIN at
  • At new borrowers should complete Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling.
  • You can double check all your federal student loans at  Click on "Financial Aid Review."

Please contact Carol Good, Coordinator of Graduate Student Financial Services, at  for further information or for assistance in completing your financial aid application.