(M.Ed.) Degree Tracks

Special Education

This track is for individuals who are certified in special education and are interested in enhancing their knowledge base through a concentrated area of study.
This track is also for those individuals who do not hold special education certification, but who desire to study the field of special education for the purpose of working with individuals with disabilities in settings other than public schools.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics website, “more students are seeking higher education to meet their career goals . . . .” A master’s degree in special education will equip graduates from the program with a greater understanding of the vast spectrum of abilities and challenges within disabled student and adult populations.

For those students who currently hold special education certification, this track offers advanced coursework with focused study in one of the following concentrations Autism Spectrum Disorders, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, or Specific Learning Disabilities.


This track is suitable for those students who are not seeking teacher certification, but who want to apply their knowledge of special education to careers in areas of ministry, business, international education, higher education, law, public policy or agencies.

Coursework includes study in: educational leadership; family and community partnerships; and effective educational practices designed to better meet the needs of individuals with a wide variety of disabilities within a multitude of settings. Additional courses within this track include instruction for building stronger instructional planning and assessment skills, as well as the study of how socio-cultural variability, including English-language learners, can impact special education.

According to salaryexpert.com, the national average income for jobs in this field without certification can average $47,990.

This track requires 30 credits.