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Alternate Chapel Guidelines and Schedule

Alternate Chapel Guidelines

Alternate chapel request forms should be submitted through MCSquare.

The link to the form can be found in the College Ministries channel.

Fall 2014 Alternate Chapel Deadline Dates:

Mar 31
Last day to submit alternate chapel request form
April 21
Last day to hold an alternate chapel


Alternate chapels are worship services, forums, lectures and other kinds of presentations sponsored by residence halls, student organizations or classes and dedicated to the integration of faith and learning. They are usually held in the evening and can count for up to 12 of a student's total chapel credits. Groups that meet on a regular basis throughout the semester are not eligible for chapel credit (ie: regular meetings of small groups or student organizations, etc).


To be considered an alternate chapel a program must address in some way the integration of faith with all of life. Any alternate chapel should include content which helps participants to think about the ways in which the topic at hand relates to Christian theology, values, lifestyle or commitments.

Applications must be submitted to the College Ministries office at least three weeks prior to the date of your alternate chapel. If you have further questions, please contact the College Ministries office.

We can only approve 3 alternate chapels per night. These are selected in order of their submission.

Priority will be given to those applications connecting with common chapel movements and spiritual formation outcomes.

From time to time, Campus Events may place restrictions on the number of events being planned on campus during a given period (usually around an event like Homecoming or Commencement). At these times, they will place a moratorium on the approval of any new events during a certain time frame to keep from stretching their staff too thin.

Each alternate chapel must be sponsored by a curricular or co-curricular educator who agrees to serve as an active advisor for the program and to attend the event.

Checklist for Alternate Chapels

  1. Review Alternate Chapel Guidelines.
  2. Check the online chapel schedule for available dates and times. Only 3 chapels approved per evening.
  3. Complete an online EMS submission (MCSquare).
  4. Complete, submit and receive approval of the Event Calendar Form.
  5. Complete an Alternate Chapel Request form (link is located on the Campus Life tab in MCSquare).
  6. Publicize, publicize! Options: Community News, Intercom, posters, word of mouth. 


The day of your event stop by College Ministries in Hostetter Chapel between 12-4:00 p.m. to retrieve your cardreader. You are responsible to have the reader at your event in order for the attendees to receive chapel credit. Organizers of the alternate chapel will be responsible for the hand-held cardreader(s) assigned to them. Cardreaders MUST be returned to our office the following day by 9:00 a.m.

You will receive an e-mail once your alternate chapel has been approved. If you do not pick up a cardreader and attendance is not recorded for your chapel, or if you fail to return the cardreader by 9:00 a.m., your organization will not be approved to hold any further alternates for the academic year, no corrections to students' attendance will be made and all complaints from students regarding credit for your chapel will be forwarded to you.